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Window Cleaning

Radiant Windows and Glass can clean the exterior and interior windows of your residential or commercial building using various techniques to let the light in. We use Pure Water Technology that ensures no hard water spots will be left behind. 

Pro Tips and Tools Used:

  1. Steel wool in a super fine grade such as 0000 is a perfect window cleaning tool for removing stubborn stuck-on debris without scratching the glass.
  2. Razorblade scraper is another good tool for cleaning windows when it comes to removing paint and stuck-on debris. Must be careful to: Go one direction, use equal pressure, lather the glass with a solution first and always make sure it’s a brand new blade without any nicks or rust.
  3. Pure Water systems are great for maintenance window cleaning but not always for a first-time clean. If there is a lot of paint, dirt build-up, or debris, better to first clean by hand. Fewer touch-ups that way.
  4. Our “traditional method” for interior window cleaning tools that we prefer are:
    • A microfiber strip washer, great at pulling dirt away.
    • Sorbo 18″ squeegee with a pivoting handle.
    • An Unger Ninja Bucket on a belt to hold the strip washer and squeegee.
    • A surgical towel for wiping corners and excess water from the window sill, as well as detailing without leaving lint.
  5. When it comes to using a Waterfed Pole System we like to use a boar’s hair brush head. It seems to work better than the nylon brush when it comes to dirt agitation and removing dirt build-up.

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