The Dangers of DIY Window Cleaning on Multi-Story Homes

Window Cleaner Washing Windows

Most people just see window cleaning as a quick spray and scrub with Windex and a paper towel. The truth is, this maintenance form is much deeper than that.

Window cleaning can be dangerous, especially when it involves multi-story homes. As a homeowner, you may be tempted to try and clean the exterior windows yourself to save money. However, this carries some significant risks that are important to consider.

Let’s get into some of the biggest hazards of DIY window cleaning and when you should call RADIANT Windows & Glass to help let the light in!

Fall Hazards 

One of the biggest risks of DIY exterior window cleaning on a multi-level home is the danger of falling. Even a one-story fall can result in serious injury or death. At higher elevations, the risks are amplified. Falls can occur due to:

  • Using inadequate or faulty equipment 
  •  Stretching too far to reach windows, leading to slips or loss of balance.
  • Lack of anchorage for ladders and safety lines 
  • Climbing on unsafe surfaces like chairs or tables to reach high windows.

Some multi-story homes require access to roofs and ledges to clean all windows. The angled and slippery surfaces a rooftop presents create the perfect recipe for a fall hazard.

No matter how you cut it, in order to successfully clean your multi-story windows without the risk of bodily harm or property damage, you’ll need to call in North Tarrant County’s window cleaning professionals.

Electrical Hazards

Another risk is an electric shock from nearby power lines. Using long poles or extended equipment near overhead power lines can be extremely hazardous or even fatal if accidental contact is made. 

Even cleaning windows near exterior electrical sockets or wiring poses electrocution risks if the equipment comes in contact with live wiring. This demonstrates the need for awareness, experience, and caution.

Liability Issues

Attempting exterior window cleaning without the proper equipment, training, and experience can also lead to expensive liability issues. For example, a damaging fall could result in healthcare costs, disability, lost income, and lawsuits for injury claims.

Well-meaning but untrained DIYers may not recognize potential hazards or take adequate safety precautions. This lack of due diligence could be considered negligence in the event of an accident. Proper insurance coverage that any reputable window cleaning company holds is advised.

Difficulty of Task

Cleaning exterior windows on the upper floors of multi-story homes is a complex, challenging task even for experienced professional cleaners. It requires:

  • Specialized equipment like scaffolding or ladder pods.
  • Mastery of proper safety techniques and accident prevention.  
  • Training on the use and maintenance of equipment.
  • Understanding of hazards and risks involved.
  • Physical capability to carry out the required work safely.   

Without the necessary skills, DIYers often realize too late and after too much time wasted, that the job is much harder and more dangerous than initially thought.

Alternative Options

Rather than risking injury from DIY exterior window cleaning on your multi-level home, consider safer options, such as:

  • Hiring insured, professional window cleaners with expertise in multi-story homes.
  • Focusing DIY efforts on interior window cleaning and hiring pros for outside.
  • Using glass replacement services to install materials like self-cleaning glass to reduce the frequency of cleaning

When to Call RADIANT Windows & Glass

Exterior window cleaning on multi-level homes comes with an array of risks that make it unsuitable as a DIY project for the average homeowner. Professional window cleaners from RADIANT Windows & Glass have the expertise, equipment, and training to safely and effectively clean windows at any height. 

We are always available to our customers in North Tarrant County for any window cleaning, glass replacement, or window replacement needs.

Consider calling us out for exterior window cleaning if:

  • Your home is more than one story high.
  • Windows are not safely accessible with basic extension tools.  
  • Special equipment like scaffolding, pods, or lifts would be required for an effective clean.
  • Electrical hazards like overhead power lines are present.
  • The slope of roof lines prevents safe access.
  • You lack professional-grade tools, safety gear, and training.

Know your limits and prioritize safety above all else. Your well-being isn’t worth the risk when the experts that can perfect the job are only a phone call away.

Schedule your next window cleaning appointment with RADIANT Windows & Glass today!

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